How to Reclaim Your Poor Self Image, So You Can Thrive in The Second Half!

Patricia Educate  Midlife Lifestyle Coach

What If.....

  • You Could Look in The Mirror and Love What You See?

  • You Could Feel Confident in Your Own Skin?

  • You Could Become The Healthy Vibrant Women You Have Always Wanted To Be, Even if You Think it's Too Late?


Patricia Educate  

Midlife Lifestyle Coach

Ladies, My BIG message to you, is that all things are possible when

it comes to choosing the life you want to live, even at midlife.

It’s 100% possible to get a healthy mind & body back at midlife and

become that desirable, healthy, confident woman... without dieting,

'cardio-madness' or surgery.

I know that's controversial, but stay with me.

As women, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling 'less than' as we

get older.

Not as desirable...

Not as fit...

Not as confident in our bodies...

Most women believe that counting empty calories, following

FAD diets, and spending countless hours in the gym is going to be

the answer, but that is the WORST strategy for a healthy mind &body.

Meanwhile, though, a small handful of women are deploying a

“secret strategy” to LOOK and feel beautiful, drop a dress size or

two and fit into their SKINNY jeans again!

…without the usual diet drama, endless workouts, or liposuction.

Join me for a free presentation where I’ll be pulling back the curtain and revealing the 5-step game plan smart women are using to become desirable, healthy, confident women at any age.

Click below to watch this life changing master class, it will definitely be worth your time.



I remember my first conversation with Patty and talking about having another 20-25 years left, and not knowing how to 'fill' those years. 


My mindset was really about how to fill the days and not about living. 


At the time I was thinking, with my diet and weight gain, I wasn't likely to even see those 25 years. 

Now, I am looking forward, doing what I need to so that I can reach new goals, and I'm exploring new interests (art) that I wrote off a long time ago.  

I'm not waiting around but looking forward to a new chapter not waiting for a chapter to end.  Thank you, Patty! 


Being healthy (both emotionally and physically) is so important as I go into my next phase of my life and I feel that I am on the right track.

I have a zest for life again and am loving my life.  My home life has improved, I am back to enjoying my job and taking care of myself.  


I can’t thank Patty enough for putting me on the right track and coaching me thru the issues I had.   


There are a lot of people out there calling themselves life coaches, but, I learned first hand, you Patty are the REAL DEAL!!

Not only have you trained to do what you do, but, you have an intuitive gift of cutting through the crap to help effect real change.